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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (May-June 2006)

May and June are special months for our Madonna House family. During May the directors of all our mission houses come to participate in their annual meetings. Then in June, we have the joy of witnessing staff make and renew their promises.

In June we also clean and prepare Cana Colony, our vacation-retreat camp for families. A Madonna House priest celebrates Mass each day for them, and for these liturgies they use the red hardcover Glory and Praise songbooks.

Our copies are wearing out, and we could use 30 or 40 of them. Do you know of a parish that is replacing this older edition and doesn’t know what to do with the books?

The cooks tell us that, besides the special spatulas for cleaning out canning jars that we asked for last month and that they still need (the ones with small half-circles), they need some new plastic bags—loaf of bread size for us to take bread to our dormitories and poustinias. Do you know of a bakery that could spare a box of them? It’s all right if they have writing on them.

Ralph Edelbrock, the circulation manager of this newspaper, is very grateful for the 9" x 12" envelopes he received. His need for them is ongoing. Other office needs are: white paper (8½ x 11), white envelopes (9½ x 4, and 6½ x 3½), scotch tape, glue sticks, and white-out correction fluid.

The farmers have a number of requests: winter work gloves, high-speed drill bits (¾ inch), 2-gallon size aluminum maple syrup buckets, and two kinds of thermometers (household ones and an 8-inch probe metal thermometer with a dial face). Either Fahrenheit or Centigrade is fine.

Also, if you have any idea where they can find a used stainless steel bulk tank (without compressor) that holds up to 1000 gallons, please let us know.

Those working in our crafts center have been restoring lots of donated items to sell in our gift shop. So their glue and paint supplies needs replenishing. Can you send any of the following: vinyl glue, rubber cement, glue sticks, a spray can of black paint, "Accent" classic acrylic paint finishes, and gold or copper metallic leafing pens.

They could also us some wet oasis blocks for fresh flower arrangements.

Do you have any silver-coated trays with smooth (not engraved) worn-out centers? Linda Owen has learned a technique of putting a base coat over the center and painting floral designs on it. The results are exquisite and sell well.

Our nurses are looking after us very well with the help of over-the-counter preparations donated by our benefactors. Here is a list of their current needs: Compound W (for plantar wort removal), lubricant eye drops for dry eyes (such as Tears Naturelle), any product that will remove corns, polysporin eye/ear drops, folic acid (400 mcg) and Vitamin C (500 mg., not chewable).

Soon it will be summer and our gift shop will be in full swing and ready to turn the lovely things you donate into money for the poor. You would be surprised to see the great variety of items that are sold there. Many kinds of nostalgia items, for example, are collectible. Tonka cars and trucks and old barometers, just to give a couple of examples, are selling well these days.

It is not uncommon for people to come to our shop looking for christening gowns. So, if you have one that won’t be used again, or if you would like to make some for us to sell, we would be most appreciative.

Thank you for the religious statues and medals you sent recently. Some of the medals are being used in the rosary bracelets we are making from incomplete rosaries.

Here are a few requests from a few of our various work departments. Those in our shipping and receiving department are asking for 2-inch clear packing tape. The gardeners are asking for bone meal, blood meal, and lime, and the cleaning department is asking for one can of Endust.

Also, if you have a folding table 6 to 8 feet long that you no longer need, we could use it in our sorting building.

The ladies at St. Mary’s who requested it asked us to give their heartfelt thanks to the person who sent the red wagon. It is perfect for their needs, and they are thrilled with it.

Our work in the various work departments we mentioned is about love, as are the donations you send us. Thank you for your faithfulness which gives us encouragement to live our gospel life. We are deeply united with you at every moment, and we pray for your intentions at each of our liturgies. May you and your families enjoy a fruitful summer.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (May-June 2006)


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