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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (March 2006)

Dear friends, we greet you on the threshold of Lent—a season that, if we but let it permeate our souls, will bring us a hunger for God.

Please God, this desire for God will grow in all our hearts as we continue to perform our everyday duties of serving each other and all whom we meet, with love.

We witness this love in our nurses, who, among other things, are looking after us during this season of colds and flu. Can you help them by sending cough drops, cold sore ointment, and Vick’s Vapor Rub?

They are also asking for calcium/magnesium combination, Tums or other antacids, vitamin D-3 (1000 mg.), and Evening Primrose Oil. The nurses are very grateful for the Arthritis Tylenol and paper tape.

Even in the lull of winter, our gift shop continues its work of providing for the poor in missions throughout the world. Though their store hours are much reduced at this time of year, the work of preparing the stock for the busy season of summer goes on.

Here are a few items that seem to be especially popular with our customers these days: Eskimo carvings, Canadiana, interesting chess sets, 3-tiered china cake platters, and china teacups and saucers. Apparently high tea is becoming popular again.

Thank you for the Eskimo carvings that were sent. These will bring good prices for the poor.

The cleaning department is asking for 3M coarse green “scrubbies,” grill bricks or pumice blocks for cleaning the top of wood cookstoves, and, in preparation for late spring and summer, insect repellant.

If you read this column regularly, you are probably aware of how much we depend on our benefactors for our paper needs. Once again, our office is asking for 8 ½ x 11 white paper, both good paper and what we call “good on one side,” white envelopes both large (#10) and small (9.2 x 16.5 cm), and Scotch Tape.

The St. Mary’s community is housed in a very long building, and for staff with a disability, it is difficult to carry things from one end of the building to the other. If anyone has a child’s metal wagon that is no longer in use and has a way of sending it here, it would make life easier for several of us.

Other needs at St. Mary’s are: twin bedspreads, tennis balls (which they put on chair legs so they won’t scratch the floor), and a good oven thermometer.

Among the many crafts done in our handicraft center, probably the one done the most continuously is the restoring of donated items. We touch up the paint, glue together broken parts, and sometimes even construct a new part.

For this work, the craftspeople need some supplies. Primarily right now, they need glue: Epoxy (quick setting), Flash Super Glue (gap filling formula), and epoxy putty.

Two other requests from the handicraft department are a small dry-erase board and a “miracle removable putty” The Museum Putty (TM), which is used by museums and collectors to hold valuable items in place so that they don’t fall and break.

Last of all, our music director is asking for a set of steel 6-string guitar strings, and the carpenters are asking for Arrow Staples T-50.

We are deeply grateful for your ongoing willingness to listen to our needs, be they great or small, and for your generous response to them. Truly, your support and prayers sustain us.
Let us make the cross of Our Lord the center of our Lenten journey.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs & Mark Schlingerman (March 2006)


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