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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (January 2006)

In January, the silence of winter’s womb wraps Combermere in its depths. In spite of the darkness the world is facing at this time, the presence of the Infant whose birth we celebrate, gives us expectant hope for this coming year. Along with you, we welcome a new beginning.

A new beginning is what Mary Davis, our head gardener, must have in mind as she begs for bone meal for next spring’s garden. And she thanks you for all the gardening supplies you have sent over the past year.

It is our office workers who seem to have the most pressing needs right now. Besides their ongoing need for white 9 ½ x 11 paper and white envelopes (#10 and 4 ½ x 9 ½), they are asking for scotch tape, white-out, and 2006 calendars.

Ralph Edelbrock, the circulation manager for Restoration, wonders if anyone can give him the following: a heavy-duty electronic digital weighing scale with a range of 1 gram to 5 kg.—with 5000 divisions and a tray surface of about 8” x 6”. He needs it for the mailing out of the paper.

The librarians are looking for typewriter cartridges for a Smith Corona: H 21000 Correctable. The great thing about this cartridge is that it fits several different Smith Corona models.

The staff who work in our mission gift shop are grateful for the rhinestone jewelry people have sent. These pieces sell immediately, especially the vintage ones. The gift shop staff also send a warm thank-you for the lovely crèche sets. They are very popular and are saleable year-round.

Also, if you have any old icon calendars, they would be grateful to receive them. Our customers love those Byzantine icon prints.

The men who send out the book orders and donations to the missions are thrilled with the large supply of twine and the dust masks that came in. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now they are asking for 2-inch packing tape and a stamp moistener.

They are also looking for a scale similar to the one that the Restoration office is asking for. This one needs to be a heavy-duty electronic digital scale reading up to 30 or 32 kg—at 5000 divisions with a 9-inch square tray surface (approximately). Do you know anyone who has one to give away?

Our nurses are asking your help in stocking medicine and supplements for colds and flu. The biggest need is for cough medicine, especially the single symptom kind—expectorant only, DM only, and suppressant only. They find it more useful in the uncombined form. Cough lozenges would be welcome as well.

As for supplements, they especially need vitamin D (400 I.U. and 1000 I.U.), vitamin A (10,000 I.U.),vitamin C (500 mg.) and chelated calcium/magnesium (500/250 combination). They also need saw palmetto and barrier cream.

Viva LeBlanc, our sacristan, sends you her deep appreciation for the red satin ribbon that will be used on the greens in our chapel during the Christmas season for many years to come. She was touched by your timely response to her request.

We are realizing more profoundly than ever our littleness, our poverty, and our dependence on your love. We lift you up in prayer before the face of the Father each day and call his blessing upon you.

Let us work together to restore to the world the peace and love that only his Son can bring.

In Our Ladyof Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (January 2006)


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