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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (November 2005)

“We are beggars for the Lord! Alleluia! We are beggars for the Lord—first for the poor whom we serve everywhere, and secondly for ourselves. This has been God’s desire, his mandate to me, when I first started way back in 1930 in the slums of Toronto…. It would be against the spirit of Madonna House to stop begging…. We beg for everything, for whatever the apostolate and those it serves need.

“These needs vary from time to time, from season to season, from place to place. But needs there will always be, and always we will have to beg for them.”

These words of Catherine Doherty, written many years ago, still guide us as we consider the list of the current needs that have come from our various departments.

The staff who mail out the books that people order from MH Publications need 2-inch clear packing tape, padded bubble envelopes, and a roll of sturdy twine.

Bonnie Staib, our archivist, is very grateful for the two packs of heavy weight Kodak Picture Paper, both high gloss and mat, that she received recently. Such paper is an ongoing need.

This past September, for example, MH Ghana was able to borrow a digital camera. On September 8th, when Mercy Gyamfi was formally accepted an as applicant there, the staff took photos and e-mailed them to us in Combermere.

So, thanks to the donation of the picture paper, we were able to print these photos, put them up on our bulletin board, and thus more easily unite ourselves to Mercy and the staff there.

Archives also has an ongoing need for archival paper and acid-free document boxes.

The experiences of the families who came for the weeklong retreat-vacations at Cana Colony this summer have shown us how much families desire and need this kind of support and spiritual input. For next year, Cana Colony needs children’s pails and shovels for the beach and sandbox and kitchen chairs for the two cook shacks.

After a busy summer, the gift shop is now on winter hours, a schedule that enables them to do the background work (cleaning, repairs, etc.) on the donations that have come in and to answer the letters from missionaries from around the world who receive the proceeds from the shop.

The gift shop is asking for jewelry boxes, men’s old watches, and christening gowns, especially the older kind, which are very popular with our customers.

Thank you for the religious medals and statues which are in demand year round. And if you can send some clear plastic boxes, the gift shop staff would very much appreciate having them for their displays.

As Christmas approaches, customers will be looking for decorations and crèche sets, especially older ones and ones from different parts of the world.

The bicycles we have received in donation over the years serve us well as transportation for short trips from spring through late fall, thus saving on fuel and on wear and tear on our vehicles. We try to make all necessary repairs before putting them away for the winter. Can you help us by sending universal brake and gear cables, tires, and inner tubes size 26 x 1½ and 26 x 13/8?

The kitchen needs hand-held can openers such as Swing-Away, a heavy-duty stainless steel stock pot (30 qt.), and a large crock for fermenting and pickling.

There is a special request for shades. We need to replace the 16 shades in our main dining room. If you would be willing to help us with this, please phone or write Marie-Therese McLaughlin for the specifics.

As usual our nurses have a short list of needed medications. This time their needs are: 24-hour antihistamine allergy pills, vitamin D, and expectorant cough syrup.

So you can see that we are following our foundress’ words about begging. Since begging is not an easy thing to do in this day and age, we are so grateful to all of you who read this column and respond so generously.

In this month of November, you and your deceased family members are remembered in a special way in our Masses and prayers.

In Our Lady  of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (November 2005)


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