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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (October 2005)

In Combermere in October the cold, bracing nights and the warm, sunny days produce leaves of every shade of red, orange, and yellow. They are so beautiful in this area that busloads of people coming to see them are not unusual.

The tingling air also sends us scurrying from farm to orchard to flower beds to Cana Colony as we put the last finishing touches on a summer that was fruitful for God.

Our mission shops, that is, the gift shop, the flea market, and the bookshop, have had a full and productive season, and have transformed your donated articles into money for the poor. After the crush of the summer crowds, they look to you once again for help in restocking the shelves. Please remember them when you do your fall cleaning and culling.

Carolyn Desch, the head of the handicraft department, has a few requests: LePage’s Epoxy Putty, wet floral foam for floral arrangements, colored card stock (heavier weight paper), especially red and yellow, small foam brushes for decoupage, and, as usual, glue sticks for paper, and rubber cement. She is very grateful for the great variety of supplies you have sent over the summer.

Marie-Thérèse McLaughlin, who looks after our household needs, sends a big thank you for all the toothpaste and bar soap you sent. This time she is asking for heavy-duty rubber-backed runners for the kitchen entrances and for Woolite.

Mary McNamara and the others who work in the office have a great need for envelopes. Here are the sizes: #10 and #9 plain white envelopes and larger envelopes (white or brown), 9x6 and 9x12.

They would also be happy to have a few rolls of Magic Scotch Tape and either liquid whiteout correction fluid or correction pens. And of course, they have an ongoing need for 8 ½ by 11 white paper, either new or what we call “good on one side.”

The archives department, led by Bonnie Staib, is in need of a small step stool. Some of our shelves are high, and some of the staff there short. The library\kitchen kind on a wheeled base would be particularly helpful. For their albums and displays, they could also use some plastic sleeve protectors for 3-ring binders and some plastic photo corners.

Though we are generally in good health at present, our nurses are looking ahead to the season of colds and flu. They are asking for: vitamin D (400 mg.), B-complex, evening primrose, cough syrup, and cough drops.

Our other medical needs are: Epsom salts, anti-gas tablets, enteric-coated aspirin (325 mg.), and baby aspirin (81 mg.). Thank you to all who keep us supplied with these simple over-the-counter medications.

The staff who look after our donation and sorting building want to ask you for some sturdy twine for bundling up the cardboard boxes that we can no longer use. (They break up and flatten them for re-cycling.) And they asked us to let you know that, for now, thanks to your generous response to their past requests, they have enough dust masks and shipping tape.

When you supply our needs, remember that you are giving love, person-to-person, for the restoration of the Church.

It is a mysterious thing, this flow of material goods that carry the stamp of love: the love of you and of us for God, his love for all of us, and our love for you and yours for us. And our gratitude for you overflows into our community prayers where we pray every day for you and your intentions.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (October 2005)


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