Posted October 18, 2005 in MH Vancouver BC:
Notes from Near and Far: Vancouver, British Columbia

Doreen Dykers, MH Vancouver.

As I prayed about what dimension of our life to share in these notes, the word, or rather the person that came to me was Our Lady. In her own hidden way, she manages to make herself known with great clarity.

During one of the Saturday mornings of recollection that we give, Julie Coxe talked about her relationship with Our Lady and how it really began to blossom when she made her "Act of Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary" according to St. Louis de Montfort.*

Well, a number of our listening friends—some of whom are new to the Catholic Church— were smitten by Our Lady through Julie’s talk. They wanted to experience the power of this consecration, too! So three of them entered into a period of preparation for their consecration.

On the Feast of the Annunciation, a beautiful ceremony took place in our chapel. Gwen, Marie, and Barb knelt before an icon of the Annunciation (which Victoria had brought from Combermere last year) and made their Act of Consecration as the rest of us silently renewed our own consecrations in our hearts. Then Fr. Hien Nguyen, a young Vietnamese priest, received and blessed their consecrations in the name of the Church.

Word has gotten around about the consecration, and another friend who had just entered the Catholic Church made his on August 15th. He had been thinking about doing so at the time he made his first poustinia. He had wanted to pray about the consecration that day, but time went quickly, and before he realized it, the day was almost over.

But just as he was getting ready to leave, he heard Our Lady tell him in his heart that the date for his consecration was to be August 15th!

Shaking his head in bewilderment—he was so recently a Protestant—he told her “yes.”

* For more information about St. Louis de Montfort’s "true devotion" and the act of consecration to Jesus through Mary, we recommend his book True Devotion to Mary and/or the audiobook The Secret of Mary—both adapted by Eddie Doherty and both available from MH Publications.


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