Posted June 24, 2005 in MH Krasnoyarsk, Russia:
Notes from Near and Far: Magadan, Russia

by Miriam Stulberg, MH Russia.

We spent a few days mailing out copies of our latest Russian-language publications, new editions of Poustinia and Bogoroditza, to friends and contacts in Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania. We’ve gotten some very positive feedback on these translations, including some from fellow-seminarians of our friend, Sasha Fedosov.

Catherine Lesage and Beth Holmes have been attending the weekly catechist formation sessions at our parish church as an MH presence and a contact with the parishioners. These sessions are also enhancing their Russian spiritual vocabulary.

Catherine also provides an MH presence at the monthly gatherings of young people preparing for World Youth Day at Cologne this summer.

One Sunday we invited to dinner two women preparing for baptism, women whom we’ve been wanting to get to know for some time. They obviously were not ethnic Russians. We thought they might be members of one of the numerous aboriginal tribes in Russia, but they are Korean!

This past winter was unusually cold, and it could be June before the snow goes, but the days are getting perceptibly lighter.

Also there is a time when the sun suddenly begins to feel warm. This always speaks to me of the breath of the Resurrection already present in the winter of our world.

May we live in that reality as we await the fullness of God’s promise.


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