Posted May 06, 2005 in My Dear Family:
The Hearbeats of God

by Catherine Doherty.

How in heaven’s name will we be able to face a lifetime broken into small particles of days that will bring us doubts, temptations, and fears?

How in heaven’s name will we stand up to that grind of those grains of sand, that are such days, unless we become contemplatives?

It cannot be done unless we enter the immense silence of God and his soothing tranquility, unless we repose, rest on his breast, listening to no other sounds than the heartbeats of God.

In proportion to the depth of our silence and recollection, he will reveal his love for us. It is that love of God for us that will alone give us that joy that will make light of any days, of any problems, any temptations, any darkness, of any pain.

From Bogoroditza, pp. 133, 134, available from MH Publications.


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