Posted May 27, 2005 in Memorials:
How I Shall Love!

by Tom Egan.

This following letter by Tom Egan to his brothers and sisters in Madonna House was found in his file with instructions that it be read after his death. It was written 27 years ago, on April 9, 1978.

Beloved brothers and sisters,

May his peace be with you and may you be experiencing a deep sense of his love and mine.

The writing of this letter to you has been on my mind for a long time, yet somehow the day never seemed to be the day to write it. I think this is the day. Maybe it is because of a great grace I received on March 31st…

There has not been in me, as far as I know, a fear of death for many years. In fact, for various reasons I have looked forward to it. For death is our sister who brings us into the presence of God who loves us.

I do not write this letter because I expect to die soon. It will be many years before I meet Sister Death, I think. Yet you never know the day or the hour. So just in case it is soon and swift, this letter is being written to you.

I know that when I die I shall really love you as I never have before. This thought came to me a few months ago and made me very excited. Oh, how I shall be able to love when I die! Each of you and all those who have yet to come and join our family.

There will be no barriers in me to prevent my loving you to the fullest. And I shall really see your beauty and love you all the more, and nothing will get in the way of that loving you.
What a joy that will be! How I look forward to that moment, to eternity and being ablaze with love. And when you come and join us all there, think of the loving that will happen!

There is nothing more for me to say now. So may God bless each of you, and may Mary, our mother, watch over you until we meet before his face.

Love and peace,
Your brother,


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