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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (March 2005)

Lent and Easter is a blessed time to deepen our prayer life and carry the suffering of the many people throughout the world whose sorrow is before our eyes via the daily news.

As we come to you again as beggars for Christ and his poor, we are very conscious that your prayer, fasting, and almsgiving support our life and enable us to reach out to many others.

And we continue to reach out to our needy brothers and sisters through the gift shop and bookshop, all of whose proceeds go to the poor of the world.

Silver Polish

While polishing the silver that has been donated for the shop, the people who work in the gift shop have discovered that MAAS Polishing Cream, the kind for all metals, really works well. Would you be able to send us some? And we could use more silver pieces to sell as well.

As for other merchandise in the shop, brooches (the big, glittery kind), bracelets, and rings are very popular these days, as are men’s pocket watches and mantle clocks. And thank you for your donations of jewelry.

We would also love to receive small travel alarm clocks for the staff to use when they travel.

Pruning Apple Trees

The gardeners are eagerly awaiting the milder weather so that they can prune the apple trees. They are asking for snowshoes to walk over the snow to reach the trees, and also for a child’s plastic sled for carrying their supplies and pruning tools. Can you picture this operation? And our dog goes along, too!

Thank you for keeping our farmers in mind. We appreciate all they do to look after the land and to keep us well fed. They are asking for wooden bushel baskets, steel nuts and bolts (all sizes), washers, and a large stainless steel water kettle with spout, about 5 or 6 quart size.

The cooks are very thankful for the stainless steel pot that was donated. They are reporting a shortage of cutlery: teaspoons, forks, and knives. Can you send us some?

Saving Money

The men have been switching our lighting over to compact fluorescent bulbs (13 watts and larger)—a changeover that is saving money on electricity. Would you be willing to donate a few of these bulbs? We are also low on AA and 6-volt lantern batteries.

The Office

Our office needs are pretty straightforward: scotch tape, 8 ½ by 11 paper, #10 white envelopes, correction pen and white-out correction fluid. And our shipping department is asking for 2-inch clear packing tape and dust masks.


The nurses have a longer list than usual. They are asking for Gravol 50g (for motion sickness), vitamin B-6, heavy mineral oil, lubricating eye drops, 0.5% cortisone cream, Gaviscon, Breathe-Right Nasal Strips, digestive aid enzymes, and antihistamines such as Reactine, Chlortripolon, Allegra, etc.

The carpenters have been building cupboards and chests over the winter. Can you send them some chest or trunk handles?

Some of our music notebook binders are getting worn out from constant use. The schola director is wondering if you can send a few 1 ½-inch ring binders.

And, while we think of it, here is some information that you, our benefactors, might not be aware of. When a parcel is sent to us across the border via UPS, and the value is listed as $20 or more, we must pay a customs charge and tax in order to receive it. It would be helpful if you would mark the shipping slip, “donations” or “used items.”

Thank you for reading this column and for staying in touch with us. We count on your spiritual support as well as on your gifts, and we assure you of our daily prayers, our love, and our gratitude. May you be renewed and restored through the triumph of Our Lord’s passion, death, and resurrection.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (March 2005)


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