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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (February 2005)

Dear friends, we have been especially conscious of you during these past few weeks. For we have just completed several sortings of the donations you have sent us. We are deeply grateful for your friendship and your attentiveness to our needs. Were it not for your generosity, we could not live our Madonna House life.

New Sorting Building

The whole process of sorting the donations you send us has become smoother and more efficient now. Before we had the new sorting building, we had to transport everything from the building where it was stored to the room in St. Mary’s half a mile away where we sorted it. Now that it is all done in the same place, we are saving time, manpower and gasoline.

Thank you so much for the four cases of Murphy’s oil soap, a supply that will last us a good long time. Thanks also for soap bars and the fingernail brushes. The only cleaning need we have now is toilet brushes.

This newspaper, Restoration, is looking for 12” by 9” mailing envelopes. We use about a hundred of them each month for mailing out bulk subscriptions of up to 15 copies. So we can use lots. (Envelopes with company logos are fine; we can cover them.)

Our carpenters, who have been quite busy this last while first completing the sorting building and then renovating the main kitchen, are wondering if you have any linoleum or vinyl flooring remnants (either tile or sheet) to line shelves and cupboards and for flooring in small rooms.

Paint and a Drill

They are also asking for latex primer and white latex paint, a heavy-duty 18-volt cordless drill (contractor grade, if possible), and staples (T-50, ¼”, or 3/8 ”).

We rarely need to beg for clothing in this column as, thankfully, we seem to find what we need among the clothing that is donated. But this month our farmers and bush crew have asked us to mention that they would greatly appreciate a few good pairs of men’s heavy work socks and men’s underwear.

The farm cook is asking for stainless steel coffeepots and teapots and heavy duty stainless steel cooking pots: 10, 20, and 30-quart sizes. And our main kitchen needs digital timers, bucket lid openers, glass candy thermometers, meat thermometers, and 2-cup bowls or pitchers in ceramic or porcelain.

Like you, our community is making every effort to stay healthy this winter. Our nurses help us to do this by supplying over-the-counter remedies and supplements. Can you send them any of the following: Breathe-Right Nasal Strips, B-complex, glucosamine 500 mg., B-6, and vitamin D?

You probably wouldn’t expect our mission gift shop to do a great deal of business at this time of year, as there aren’t many winter tourists. But people who live around here still come to shop. (I think they are happy to know that their purchases will help the poor in many parts of the world.)

These days they often ask for vintage lace and linen pieces, such as runners and doilies (the kind your grandmother had). Fur coats and jewelry boxes are also very popular.

Cafeteria Trays

The staff in the gift shop are also asking for old cafeteria-style trays, which they use to transport and store the gift shop stock. These trays don’t need to be in perfect condition.
May Lent be for each of us and each of you a season of mercy: God’s mercy towards us and ours for each other and for ourselves. We thank you with all our hearts for your love and support, and we ask Our Lord to give each one of you a grace-filled Lent.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (February 2005)


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