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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (January 2005)

As we enter a brand new year, it is our heartfelt prayer that we live the Gospel more fully this coming year than we ever have. The world needs that from all of us Christians as never before.

Snow and Wood

In January after we have said goodbye to our many holiday guests, we will be settling down to our usual winter work such as clearing snow from the paths and parking lot, chopping wood for our many heating and cook stoves and doing a variety of indoor projects that we do when things are more quiet.

Our handicraft center, for example, really comes alive in winter. A quick tour around St. Raphael’s is an opportunity to see staff doing such things as weaving rugs, making candles, firing pottery, crafting stained glass pieces, and sewing.

But perhaps the most amazing part of that building is the restoration corner. There broken and worn out donated items, such as statues, wooden objects, and crucifixes, are repaired and refurbished for sale in the gift shop where the money goes to the poor.

Can you help in this process by sending acrylic paints and clear finishes, acrylic enamels for painting on glass and china, and solder for stained glass work? Thank you to those who sent the tacky.

Electrical Things

The men who look after everything electrical around our house send a big thank you for the clothes washers, dryers, and fridges that came in recently. Now they are asking for electrical tape and six-volt batteries for lanterns.

For health reasons our cooks would like to switch from aluminum to stainless steel cookware. So they are asking your help in locating large, sturdy steel-clad cookware with aluminum cores. These would include pots as large as 16 inch diameter and 13 and 6 inches deep; 21 inch diameter and 17 inches deep, deep square pans 17 inches x 20 inches x 6½ inches deep, and oblong baking pans 19” x 11” x 3”.


Such institutional-size cookware is expensive. So perhaps you know of a place that is no longer using theirs, such as a school cafeteria or a church hall, and would be willing to donate them.

Our mission gift shop staff thanks you for the necklaces, china figurines, and clip-on earrings. It’s amazing how popular clip-on earrings are becoming. In terms of jewelry, the staff at the shop are especially asking for brooches (their supply is almost sold-out), old rhinestone jewelry, and anything in amber or tur-quoise tones. Actually, jewelry is one of the most sellable items in the shop, so any kind is always appreciated.

The staff at the shop are also requesting small lampshades and lamps, and empty jewelry boxes in good condition for gift wrapping fine jewelry.

Stain Remover

Our laundress is putting out a plea for metal clip skirt hangers, the kind that holds one skirt, and is also wondering if you know of a particular laundry stain remover called “Magic Stain Remover” that removes even “impossible” stains?

It’s made from soybeans and is distributed by Cadie Products. If you ever run across it and can send one small bottle, she will reserve it for the impossible stains only.

Our farm crew needs straw and dry bedding for the animals, a heavy-duty garden spade, and work boots, both leather and rubber.

Besides their ongoing need for 8½ x 11 paper (good on one side only is fine) and #10 envelopes, our office people are asking for black, blue, and red permanent magic markers (wide), scotch tape, and a metal filing box for 8½ x 11 papers. They are so grateful for the paper and envelopes you sent last month.

We have begun sorting donations in our new sorting building. On sorting days dust and fibers from clothing and bedding fill the air, making dust masks a necessity for those who have sensitive lungs. Can you send us a package or two?


The nurses report that we have had an increased need for Gaviscon (or the equivalent) and heavy mineral oil. They are also low on Immodium, Reactine antihistamine, and B-complex supplements.

As Madonna House grows, we count on the help of our friends more than ever. Since the Lord keeps us dependent on him by making us dependent on our friends, he will certainly bless you a hundredfold for your generosity.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (January 2005)


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