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Notes from Near and Far: Edmonton, Alberta

by Jude Fischer, Marian Centre Edmonton.

Greetings from Edmonton, the city which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. Our newly renovated Churchill Square reopened for the occasion with day-long entertainment culminating in a wonderful fireworks display. All weekend various city-run attractions and fitness centers were free, giving us an opportunity to visit museums, etc.

The numbers coming to our soup kitchen have increased, and we have changed the time of the meal from one to noon—a change which has necessitated a series of adjustments in our daily schedule.

The reason for the increased numbers as well as for our change is that the Mustard Seed Church, which also feeds the hungry, has discontinued its noon meal and is now offering an evening meal instead. (This evening meal is filling a big need in the city.)

Friday evenings we have been gathering with friends to discuss the Little Mandate (which contains the essence of Madonna House spirituality). This is an occasion for lively discussion and deep sharing.

Our handicraft center has been a beehive of activity recently, activity which has included our giving classes in card-making and paper-making. We ourselves are doing artwork as well.

Denise Becker paints in water colors, Patrick Stewart in oil, and I paint icons. Nikola Kanachowski and Lupe Zabaco are taking a water color course, and Chuck Sharp is doing some creative cooking and building a greenhouse on the our roof.

Other recent events include talks given by staff at various  schools and parishes, and a retreat for all of us, a retreat called an Agape Struggle and Grace week.


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