Matt Talbot

Matt Talbot


Fighting alcoholism, poverty, and the turmoil of Irish life at the turn of the century, Matt Talbot humbly leads us to the Mother of God. He may someday soon be declared one of Ireland’s greatest saints.

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Can a reformed Irish alcoholic become a Saint…?

Fighting addiction, poverty, and the turmoil of Irish life at the turn of the century, Matt Talbot humbly leads us to the Mother of God.

If it hadn’t been for the chains he wore as a symbol of his self-imposed “slavery” to the Virgin Mary, Matt Talbot would have remained as anonymous in death as he had been in life. These chains, found embedded in his flesh when he dropped dead on a Dublin street in 1925, attracted the interest of an astonished twentieth-century world and led to an investigation of his life.

Eddie Doherty, veteran newspaper reporter and author, here presents as complete and up to date a biography as possible, supplying a dramatic backdrop of Ireland’s tempestuous history in a bloody era. He imaginatively reconstructs the personalities, the places, the issues, the thoughts, and the feelings that surrounded Matt and marked the era that claimed him, and relates the progress of Matt Talbot’s cause for canonization up to the exhumation of his body in 1952.

This timely account ably interprets the full significance of the ex-alcoholic who may someday soon be declared one of Ireland’s—and the world’s—greatest saints.

Though Matt Talbot’s life is an encouraging success story particularly for addicts, his meaning in the modern world extends far beyond being the patron of ex-alcoholics. There is something in his story for everyone—worker, sinner, Christian, skeptic, apostle—a glimmer of greatness, humility, and charity that cannot fail to inspire and amaze.

About the Author, Eddie Doherty

Eddie DohertyIn his long career as an ace newspaper reporter and best-selling author, Eddie Doherty has touched the hearts of thousands with his gifted reporter’s flair for words—and his lively and irresistible writing style seasoned with wit and humour. A father who suffered the tragic deaths of two wives, Eddie grew determined to help others grasp how even this world’s harshest sorrows can be resplendent with Christ’s light. Having met Catherine de Hueck at her mission in Harlem, Eddie later married and co-founded the world-wide Madonna House Apostolate with her. In his later years, he was ordained a priest in the Melkite Catholic Church.


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    “With the few known facts available regarding Matt Talbot’s life, Eddie Doherty, experienced newspaperman and author, weaves an inspiring and dramatic account of the incidents which produced Matt’s great transformation…. This book, like all of Eddie Doherty’s books, is alive with facts and people. The usual Doherty touch is present—punchy sentences and journalistic style.” — Alice M. Nicholson, Books on Trial

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