The Life of Catherine
de Hueck Doherty

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Foundress of Madonna House Apostolate

Mary Bazzett

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46 pages — Booklet, 5" x 8"

Madonna House Publications, 1998

Because of Christ, Catherine’s life is a love story. “I am in love with God and that is a fact,” she would say.

The life of Catherine de Hueck Doherty is an adventure story through two World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights movement in the U.S., and the Second Vatican Council. Yet more than all that—the life of Catherine Doherty is a love story.

Born into aristocratic wealth, Catherine experienced grinding poverty as a refugee. She went from riches to rags, and eventually back to riches, in North America. Then inexplicably, she reverted to poverty, voluntarily giving away her possessions and living in the slums to work with the poor and destitute—all for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because of Christ, Catherine's life is a love story. “I am in love with God and that is a fact,” she would say. How this love story unfolded to include the lay apostolate of Friendship House—and later Madonna House—is contained in this booklet.

Initial steps in the canonization process are currently underway to determine if Catherine Doherty might one day be declared a saint in the Catholic Church.

About the Catherine Doherty

Catherine de Hueck Doherty Catherine Doherty used her heritage as a Russian Christian as a matrix for responding to the needs of Christian life and work in the modern world. Her own personal pilgrimage led her to be “poor with the poor Christ” in the slums of Toronto and in Harlem; and later to the establishing of the world-wide Madonna House Apostolate. A dedicated wife and mother, Catherine was also a prolific writer of hundreds of articles, a best-selling author of dozens of books, a renowned national speaker, and a pioneer of social justice. Catherine Doherty's cause for canonization as a saint is now under consideration by the Catholic Church.

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