Books for Youth from Madonna House Publications

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A Long Way from Welcome: A Mystery in Paris by Echo Lewis

Small-town Maggie McGilligan and city-born-and-raised Jean-Louis Gagnon team up in Paris, France to match wits with phantom criminals they've never met—or have they?

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Be Always Little: Christian Fables for Young and Old by Jude Fischer

Wondrous, enchanting tales of children, animals, songs, stars, trees and objects of everyday life, as well as stories adapted from events recorded in the Bible and the tales of Elizabeth York.

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I Believe: Living the Apostles' Creed by Father Émile Brière

In this small book geared towards young people, Father Émile Brière sheds light on our understanding of the Apostles' Creed -- it comes alive as we hear it applied to daily life.

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Seekers of Truth: Finding the Faith by Rosalie McPhee

Rosalie McPhee's remarkable story of her journey from darkness to the light of the Catholic Church. A story for all, but particularly for youth who are finding their way, and making the Faith their own.

Other titles we think young people would enjoy:

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Not Without Parables: Tales of Yesterday, Today, Eternity by Catherine Doherty

A heatwarming collection of amazing stories and parables from the life and work of Catherine Doherty. A magic fireside of symbol and myth, of fantasy and stark reality.

















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