Praying for What God Wants

by Catherine Doherty

We tend to pray with great intensity for things we want, but do we think of praying for what God wants?

Usually, when our desire for something cools off, so does our prayer. It is important, therefore, that when we pray, we move with the current of God’s will, and not against it. This is true even when we are praying for someone we love tremendously.

When my husband, Eddie, was in a car accident and I was on my way to be with him, I prayed fervently that he might be well. But in my mind, every second, I forced myself to add, “If it be thy will.” If God wanted to take Eddie home, for whatever reason, I had to be willing to accept it. I was ready to do God’s will and to move in its stream.

The greatest act of a Christian is to do the will of God.

How do I know his will? How do I know which ideas are mine and which belong to God? To know his will, I must learn how to listen to him. This can happen only through prayer and under the guidance of a spiritual director.

From Soul of My Soul, (2006), p. 54, available from MH Publications