Notes from Near and Far: Regina

by Charlie Cavanaugh

A regular patron and friend of ours for many years, is very clear in expressing his needs.

Yesterday he arrived at our front door hungry and asked me for something to eat. This time he asked specifically for meat. I told him we did not have any meat sandwiches, but that I could make him one with cheese.

God, however, heard Ernie’s request. Before I had made the sandwiches, the door bell rang a second time and a benefactor presented me with a gift of meat sandwiches. Our friend was delighted.

A few days before, another of the men requested a pair of shoes. He showed me the holes in the ones he was wearing and told me about the blisters his shoes were causing him.

I frequently make trips down to our clothing room asking, “OK Lord, what do you have for this person?” Often, I find what is needed on our shelf and my heart is uplifted. This trip was no exception.

Over and over, through the generosity of our benefactors, God manifests his care for us.

This summer we will be experiencing this care in a larger matter. Our 109-year-old building is like an old pair of shoes in need of re-soling. On August 1st excavation will begin to replace the foundation walls on three sides of the building.

We will need to remain closed for three months and, with the exception of one person, will be required to leave the building. This is a prolonged closure to our regular service to the poor of this area and to our normal communal life.

We are praying for the success and peaceful completion of this work—and also that the needs of those we serve will be met by the other churches and agencies in this area, something that we are trying to encourage and facilitate.