Love’s Day

by Catherine Doherty

Good Friday is Love’s Day. Today God has shown us how much he loves us—shown it by dying on the cross. And thus showing us how we must love him and one another.

Re-read the words of Christ at the Last Supper from the Gospel of St. John. It would be good to read it aloud, slowly.

See how many times Christ repeated the word “love,” how many times he asked us to love one another as he and the Father love one another. How many times did he repeat, oh so gently yet so strongly, A new commandment I give you: that you love one another.

He told us that he was the “way” to the Father, the Father who created us, who so loved us that he sent his beloved Son to redeem us.

Today, celebrating the death of Christ, we in truth are celebrating his awesome proof of love of us. The Resurrection will be the glorious signature on that proof.

The Resurrection is proof, too, that it was truly the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity who for the love of us incarnated himself and died on the cross.

Today is Love’s Day. There is sadness and sorrow for his pains. There is a realization of our share in that pain.

There is a desire to share in that pain—love always shares. But above all, there is joy beyond expression, joy that mounts in crescendo like the waves of a sea lashed by the winds. Joy and gratitude that surpass human understanding.

God loves me! Now the door is open once more to Paradise, and I can, if I love him back, be one with him for eternity.

Excerpted from Season of Mercy, (2011), p. 77, available from MH Publications