St. Joseph’s House – Combermere, ON

When Madonna House began in 1947 there was only a little six-room house. Everything related to the apostolate was under one roof. This included contacts around the world, the monthly newspaper Restoration, and visitors from far and near.


By the late 1950s, Madonna House in Combermere had grown immensely and it became apparent that those whose life was to be involved in the local area needed a place of their own. The name “Madonna House” was already in use for what was quickly becoming the training centre, so St. Joseph was put in charge of that very special mission, which is located down the road from Madonna House, so near to it, yet with another thrust.


We are a field house in this rural area of the Diocese of Pembroke. As with all our houses, our foremost concern is living out the Gospel of love, first among ourselves and them among all people we meet.


We are in touch with many people in the valley through our clothing room and household item service. Home visiting and the encouragement of family life are among our top priorities. Rural living presents its own challenges and allows us to be with our neighbours in very ordinary ways. We are often allowed to serve in unexpected ways.


We are sustained by the Eucharist and morning and evening prayer together, as well as by poustinias. We pray constantly for the needs of all our neighbours near and far.