Madonna House – Raleigh, NC

Madonna House Raleigh is a prayer-listening house, with a strong accent on hospitality of the heart and home.


The “prayer” of our mandate takes its expression in Mass participation, communal prayers, the Rosary, and time spent in poustinia (the Russian word for desert), where we pray and fast for the Bishop, priests, and people of this diocese, and for the whole world. We also offer this opportunity of being alone with God in the desert to others. The usual time to be in poustinia is 24 hours, but if due to work and family commitments, some cannot stay that long, the length of time is flexible.


The “listening” of our mandate usually ties in with hospitality, since visits often take place around the dining room table at mealtimes, or over a cup of tea in the living room. Others, who cannot come to the house, call on the phone.


Madonna House has been in Raleigh for thirty years now, and we have walked through the joys and challenges of life with many of our friends. We have witnessed parents become grandparents, teenagers turn into adults, and babies grow into adolescents. Our Lady of Combermere brings newer friends into our life all the time; we pray for, talk with, and rejoice in each one, whether he or she be a benefactor of our work, or a person in need of the benefactor’s assistance.


One of our Madonna House Associate priests belongs to the Diocese of Raleigh, and he adds a rich spiritual dimension to our life here. (An Associate Priest of Madonna House is one who lives and serves in his own diocese, and also lives the simplicity and poverty of the Madonna House “Little Mandate”.)


As in all of our houses, our hope and efforts center on building a community of Gospel love as modeled and exemplified by the Holy Family in Bethlehem and in Nazareth.


Anyone interested in making a poustinia, coming to talk or volunteer, or learning more about living the Gospel in everyday life can call us at 919-231-4049, or write to us at Madonna House, 424 Rose Lane, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27610-3645.


Phone: 919-231-4049 Address: Madonna House, 424 Rose Lane, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27610-3645.

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