Living Between Two Masses

by Cheryl Ann Smith

Last summer as I was driving home, I glanced in the rear-view mirror and gasped at the fiery sun setting in a blaze of glory. And straight ahead was an enormous radiant moon rising above the sea.

Sandwiched between two beautiful luminaries, I remembered a favorite refrain of our foundress, Catherine Doherty: “I can endure anything between two Masses.”

The great liturgist Dom Virgil Michael said these words to her when it seemed that the nascent Madonna House was collapsing. “You are discouraged; you need the Mass,” he said.

Why is this? Because the Lord himself, the Light of the world, the source of Life, enters our body and soul, drawing us into a deeper union of love with himself. We need only surrender to his Spirit coursing through us, and we will have grace for everything.

Catherine took these words to heart, and Madonna House lives.

In Robin Hood’s Bay, we are privileged to silently adore the Lord at the beginning and end of our day and to be fed by him each day at Mass. With yesterday’s communion flowing into today’s Eucharist, and the promise of tomorrow’s gift of union ahead of us, what is there to fear?