Know Yourself

by Lolita Jardeleza


Lord, when you look at me,

What do you see?

I think you see me as you made me to be:

beautiful, good, pure, living, whole—

my soul bright with the light streaming from you.

You know the dark and ugly in me.

You wash it away

for utter love of me, with the blood you shed.

In your eyes, I am totally, completely,

truly loveable, and seeing me thus,

you love me accordingly.

To live as if I did not know this

is such an injustice to you, Lord!

A denial of the incredible love

I always long for,

that you long for me to see,

so I can finally and fully enjoy

the joy I seek, the peace I need,

to be healed of the loneliness and

the crushing pain that hollows me so.

Lord, let me see me as you do.

Let me see you as I do not.

Lord, let me live what I know.


Lolita has been a friend of Madonna House for over fifty years.