volunteers serving meals to people

Good and Faithful Servants

by David Guzman

Since joining Madonna House, I have come to realize the tremendous value of the “gift of self” in contrast to the gift of material things. So, along with my gratitude for material gifts, I am so grateful to God for our many volunteers, who give their time and talent so generously to Marian Centre.

There are so many I could write about, but at this time I would like to pay tribute especially to our two Wednesday dishwashers who are physically unable to serve any longer. Their spirits are still willing, but illness and age catch up to all of us eventually.

Ted had been volunteering at Marian Centre for nearly thirty years, and he has been a shining example of caritas (love). He humbly washed dishes, answered the door, stirred the stew, and most important of all, he was a warm, loving presence for the men in the morning.

Then at noon, for nearly twenty of those years, Joe faithfully took over from Ted. Though he had been battling illness for some time, Joe never complained, and he never let his illness prevent him from serving. He was always a joyful person to be around, and he gave as much as he could.

I could go on to tell many other stories of other individuals who have served the poor at Marian Centre. To all of them I say, Well done, good and faithful servants! (Mt 25:21).

From Restoration, October 2010