Madonna House West Indies
“Our Lady of the Islands”
Carriacou, Grenada

Photo: Poustinia on CarriacouIn 1960 at the invitation of Bishop Justin Field, Madonna House established a foundation on the island of Carriacou, in the Diocese St. George’s in Grenada. A foundation followed in Victoria, Grenada.  Some years later, under the patronage of Bishop Anthony Dickson, a foundation was established on the island of Barbados.

Photo: View of Hillsborough

Photo: Hillsborough Main StreetPhoto: Genevieve, Emmanuella, Sandy

At the present time our Staff live in Carriacou, and are involved in various works: catechetics, home visiting, care of the sick, youth work, a lending library, poustinia, and prayer groups.

Over the past 40 years, Madonna House has provided a strong Catholic presence through the witness of the Staff and their daily service. In Carriacou, as in all of our houses, we are guided by our “Little Mandate”. Our lives there especially echo the line Photo: Library“Preach the Gospel with your Life without Compromise – Listen to the Spirit He will lead you.” It is in this way that we approach and respond to the needs of all who come.

In Madonna House Carriacou, you will find an open heart, a listening ear, and a helping hand.

Photo: Centre for children











Madonna House
Genevieve Enoe, Director
Staff: Sandy Brewer

Windward, Carriacou
Grenada, West Indies

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