Catherine de Hueck Doherty

Catherine de Hueck Doherty

A Prolific Writer

Today Catherine's vision of living the Gospel flows out to those who visit Madonna House or its field houses, and to those who read Catherine's many books.

Catherine wrote hundreds of magazine articles and more than 30 books, including Poustinia, which has become a classic of modern spiritual writing. More of her writing is yet to be published from her voluminous correspondence with hundreds of people, her personal diaries, and transcripts of her lectures and talks.

Her books range from practical down-to-earth advice, to mystical spiritual poetry; from cogent explanations of the Christian faith and forceful admonitions to live the Gospel without compromise to tales about her idyllic childhood in old Russia.

Catherine's teaching of the Gospel is not a new doctrine, but rather the ancient truths of the Christian faith, expressed in simple, contemporary language. Yet hers was a prophetic voice, one that rings true in our world today.

Thomas Merton, after he first heard Catherine speak in public, was deeply impressed by her. “She had a strong voice, and strong convictions, and strong things to say,” he recalled, “and she was saying them in the simplest, most unvarnished, bluntest possible kind of talk — and with such uncompromising directness that it stunned.” After meeting her for the first time, Merton wrote:

Photo: Catherine Doherty (1970)Catherine de Hueck is a person in every way big. And the bigness is not merely physical: it comes from the Holy Ghost dwelling constantly within her, and moving her in all that she does. I never saw anyone so calm, so certain, so peaceful in her absolute confidence in God. She was full of the love of God; and prayer and sacrifice and total, uncompromising poverty filled her soul. She had tremendous spiritual vitality of grace, a vitality which brought with it a genuine and lasting inspiration, because it put souls in contact with God as a living reality. And that reality, that contact, is something which we all need.

It is our hope that by the information on this web site, you will come in contact, through Catherine, with the reality of the living God, and that you may see how incredibly beautiful, merciful, tender, and loving he really is.

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If you read only one book by Catherine Doherty in your lifetime, we’d recommend:

CoverPoustinia: Encountering God in Silence, Solidutde and Prayer

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