Madonna House


by Fr. Bob Wild

A childhood memory of Fr. Bob Wild, as told to Scott Eagan.

It was Christmas Eve.
Snow lay all about—
the night sky dark, black,
yet filled with pinpoints of light.
I was on the steps, on
the threshold of our parish church
going to Midnight Mass …
I looked up.
Just then, a comet streaked overhead,
its tail long, crossing the heavens,
bright and beautiful.
And in my child-heart,
and to my Child-God,
I gave great Christmas thanks—
“You did it just for me!”
My words deep within.

The following Christmas Eve,
snowy expectations all around,
the night sky darkened—
those everlasting stars
were bound to break through.
Returning to Midnight Mass a year older,
I mounted the same church steps,
again crossing the threshold.
With the heart of a child
and to the God who would be Child,
I asked, “Do it again, just for me!”
A comet, great and true,
steaked-blazed overhead—
tail bright and signing the heavens,
“Thank you, God!” from the child deep within.
“Thank you for doing it again, for coming
just for me!”

Ask and it shall be added unto thee. — Jesus