A Strange Phone Call

by Trudi Cortens

MH Toronto

It’s not unusual for us to receive a phone call late in the evening, but this time the call was most unusual. It began with the voice of an older woman asking, “Can you help me find a place to sleep?”

She went on, “I have just arrived in the city from Uruguay. I don’t know anyone in Toronto, and I don’t even know how to start looking! I do have some money, but I feel so strange, and I would appreciate it if you could help me find a safe place to stay.”

After taking in the initial details, my mind started to kick in as to what place I could recommend. But suddenly I wondered: if she had just landed from Uruguay, where did she get our phone number?

Her answer was amazing. “I didn’t have time to make plans for my arrival; I suddenly had to leave at once. I was nervous as to what I would do when I landed, but the Lord came to my rescue.

“Just as I was walking to board the plane, a woman rushed up to me, thrust a small newspaper into my hand, and quickly told me that, if I needed help in Toronto, to look in the newspaper for the phone number of the house in Toronto. She assured me I would receive a friendly response and the assistance I would need.”

The newspaper was Restoration, the November issue, which had a list of the addresses and phone numbers of all our houses!

Within a short time, we were successful in arranging for the necessary sleeping accommodation, and our new friend gave a big sigh of relief.

Needless to say this story took our breath away.